October 30, 1773. Printed document, with seal. Signed by Jonathan Trumbull. Appointing John Sedgwick as lieutenant of the North Company or trainband of Cornwall 14th regiment.

October 11, 1833. Certification of pension to Pvt Asa Brockway of $28 per year beginning March 1831.


War of 1812

Sharon/Hillside Cemetery

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Blackman, Levi Private 16 c18 2 Sept. 1863 76
Bostwich, Joseph Private 37 Infantry c147 26 May 1838 42
Cleaveland, John Charlotte Private 2St. C. c36 1846 47
Gager, Samuel Lucretia Sergeant 3 Cav. R13p104 4 Aug. 1835 72
Gay, James Captain 35 R13p100 19 Dec. 1831 54
Gould, David Beulah Major 35 R13p109 16 Spet. 1857 78
Jackson, Calvin Mary Lieutenant 35 R13p110 21 Dec. 1859 78
King, Chesterfield Captain 35 R14p117 20 Feb. 1878 91
King, George Betsey Major 35 R13p109 19 July 1853 76
Lines, Benjamin Lucy Lieutenant 35 R13p110 8 July 1846 72
Lyman, Isaac Mary Lieutenant 35 R13p110 29 Jan. 1858 74
Pardee, Chauncey Major 35 R13p110 4 May 1863 78
Smith, John Cotton* General R13p87 7 Dec. 1845 80

*Commander-in-Chief, State Militia


Boland Cemetery

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Benton, Isaac Parmelia Q.M. 2Cav. R13p98 28 Aug. 1859 73
White, George Loia Musc. 37Inf. c168 13 Dec. 1877 85


Amenia Union Cemetery (on rd. to Skiff Mountain)

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Barnum, Andrew Sally Lieutenant 16 4 Dec. 1867 75
Chamberlain, Oliver E. Helena Private c31 5 Aug. 1843 58
Read, John Row Private 7 c106 23 Aug. 1847 61


Ellsworth Cemetery (on south side of rd. between churches)

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Chaffee, Joshua B. Betsy Whitney 11 Mar. 1823 51
Everett, Samuel E. Hannah Chaffee Major 35 R12p127 6 Oct. 1870 89
Lord, Erastus Phila St. John Ens. 35 R13p110 July 1865 82
Norris, Gary Hester 1 St.C. c91 11 Aug. 1867 76
Peck, Calvin Betsy Ens. VX R14p128 1 Sept. 1837 73
St. John, Silas Catherine, A. Captain 35 R114p117 22 Oct. 1848 76
St. John, Thomas Lois Captain VX R13p123 9 Oct. 1820 58


Smith Cartwright Cemetery (at Pine Swamp)

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Gray, Silas A. Ens. 35 5 Mar. 1867 81
Smith, Horatio Patty Lieutenant 35 R15p156 14 Dec. 1835 56


Of Sharon (burial place unknown)

Name Wife Rank Regiment Ref. Death Age
Miles, Joseph* Lieutenant 35 R13p110 5 June 1852 73
Parker, Daniel** Patty Chaplain 35 R15p109 27 Sept. 1834 61

*Source: Hartford Times (24 July 1852)

**Source: Hartford Courant (6 Oct. 1834)



No date (but between 1813 and 1817). Letter to Gov. John Cotton Smith by members of the 5th Company of the 35th Regiment of Connecticut Militia, asking that a number of privates be transferred from the 3rd Company to the 5th to equalize the ranks. Signed by Orrin Pardee – Capt 5th Co., Calvin Jackson, Silas A. Gray, Erastus Downs, Simeon Lyman, Jr., Heman E. Gibbs, Samuel Roberts, Jr., Daniel St. John, and David W. Bostwick.

May 30, 1821. Military Commission, with seal. Signed by Oliver Wolcott, appointing Gameliel Everitt to rank of lieutenant of 8th Company, 13th Regiment of Connecticut Militia, effective April 10, 1821.

March 13, 1837. Appointment of Samuel C. Palmer to rank of Lieutenant in 29th Regiment of Infantry of New York, effective September 13, 1836. Signed by William L. Marcy, Governor.

June 1, 1839. Appointment of Samuel C. Palmer to rank of captain in 29th Regiment of New York Infantry. Signed by William H. Seward.

August 13, 1844. Appointment of Vinson E. Sears to rank of ensign of Company 3 of the 13th Regiment of Infantry in Connecticut Militia. Effective April 27, 1844. Signed by Roger S. Baldwin.

May 28, 1845. Appointment of Vinson E. Sears to rank of lieutenant of Company 3 of the 13th Regiment of Infantry in Connecticut Militia. Effective April 16, 1845. Signed by Roger S. Baldwin.


Civil War

March 1, 1867. Julius Awe, age 37, living in Sharon, subject of the Duke of Mecklenberg, was granted US citizenship. Had served in the US army since March 1, 1860.

November 13, 1864, Richmond, VA. Honorable Discharge for Corporal Thomas M. Lord of Sharon, member of Cap?t James C. Clinton?s Company. 1st Light Battery, CT.

October 19, 1863, New Orleans, LA. Honorable discharge for Sgt. Everett S. Dunbar of the 13th regiment, Connecticut Infantry Volunteers. Purpose of discharge was to enable him to accept commission.

November 12, 1863. Muster in roil for 2nd Lieutenant Everitt S. Dunbar for term of three years in Company G, 13th Connecticut Infantry Volunteers.

December 1, 1863, Thibodaux, LA. Promotion of Everett Dunbar of Company C, 13th Connecticut Volunteers to 1st Lieutenant.

October 29, 1863, Kingston, NY. Draft Disability Exemption for Samuel Gay of Ulster County, NY, on account of physical disability.

January 18, 1869. Certificate for $100 from Treasury Department to Joseph D. Beach and Julia Beach, parents of G. Frank Beach, late Private of Company A, 83rd Regiment of 2nd Connecticut Volunteers