Current Exhibit

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Wild and Beautiful Creatures: the Life and Work of J.J. Audubon is a collaboration between the Sharon Historical Society & Museum, Tremaine Art Gallery, and Audubon Sharon.

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Past Exhibits

Sharon in 40 Objects 

Sharon in 40 Objects was first conceived as Sharon in 25 Objects in 2016 when the Connecticut State Library was doing the same kind of Exhibit for the State. We Volunteers looked for objects in the SHS collection that had stories behind them. the artillery shell from the Civil War, a soapstone bed warmer from days long before central heating and electric blankets, a diary that listed an astonishing amount of work accomplished by a woman in poor health. Our aim was to intrigue visitors about what happened in Sharon in large houses and small cottages, work done by inventive entrepreneurs or hat makers, celebrations at buildings which no longer stand. 

Our labels and descriptions are deliberately short, but we invite you to learn more about each item. We’ll be happy to help you.

Past Exhibits