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A Woman’s Life in the 1870’s

By Myra Plescia
Spring / Summer 2023

We know more about Sarah Juckett than many of our past Sharon residents because her journal, from 1878 to 1881, is part of the Sharon Historical Society and Museum’s archival collection. Sarah, her husband Elijah, and their two children, Mattie and Charlie lived on West Woods Road in Sharon. Her journal provides some fascinating insights regarding daily life from a woman’s perspective in the late 1800’s.

Sarah was a faithful writer. Her daily entries always started with the weather and covered various aspects of life on the farm with her family. Some entries were quite brief, but others offered more detail. One entry from Monday, January 20th, 1879, reads:

“Clear and cold. I feel some better. I knit on Mattie’s mittens and Mrs. Griswold washed. Sant Wheeler and Henry Odel came up and got their ferret that they had lost and got another rabbit. They brought the ferret in the house. He was a pretty little fellow and gentle as a kitten. Lige went up to Sharon and got me some medicine. When he came back, he took a load of ore over to Cornwall.”

Sarah frequently refers to not feeling well or being sick in her journal. She writes about being in pain to the point that she sometimes needed morphine. It is not clear what Sarah’s illness was, but she died on March 30, 1888, at the age of 43. She and her husband Elijah (Lige) are buried in the Hillside Cemetery.

Sarah’s journal is a precious link to the past and we are very fortunate to have it as part of the archival collection at SHS. If you have any diaries or journals that give unique insight into your family’s past, please tell us about them and consider sharing them with us!

Sarah Juckett with her daughter Mattie (standing) and son Charlie.

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