Genealogy at the Sharon Historical Society

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While the volunteers and staff of the Historical Society support and encourage the work of genealogists from across the United States and beyond, our on-site genealogical collections are very basic. If you are just beginning your research, we will be delighted to help you pull together initial information, including the general history of Sharon, early settlers, original Home Lots, etc. However, we are not equipped to deal with more in-depth inquiries.

Appointments for Genealogical Research are strongly encouraged! Volunteers with a variety of interests often staff the museum and may be unable to help you with your research questions.

Please contact the museum in advance of your visit to help you get the most out of your research travel plans.

(Fees will be charged for photocopies. Fees for extensive research inquires should be discussed with museum staff prior to engaging in the research.)

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Our Resources

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People Index

Search our list of former Sharon residents from A to Z. We have compiled this list using all our pre-existing genealogy resources and in the future will be adding to this list with the help of present day residents and local historians.

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Military Records

View our list of important military dates in Sharon’s history including information on the Revolutionary War, militia activities, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Also, preview our latest work on the Civil War soldiers of Sharon here, including a list of over 200 Sharon residents that served during the conflict.

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The Original 53 Sharon Home Lots and Owners

At the session of the Assembly in May, 1738, it was ordered that the township should be sold at public auction at New Haven on the second Wednesday of the following October. Samuel Eels, Esq., Joseph Whiting and Capt. Isaac Dickerman were appointed a committee for that purpose. It was divided into fifty-three rights, or shares, as they were called, one of which was given to the first minister, one was reserved for the use of the ministry in the town, and one for the support of schools, and the debts accruing from the sale were secured by the bonds of the purchasers.

Search our list of the original lots, their descriptions, and their owners.

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Online Resources

In case you cant find what you’r looking for here, or you’re just looking for additional information, we’ve curated over 80 additional resources for you to explore. Our list of resources include links to other genealogical databases and tools, resources for learning how to conduct better genealogical research, obituary records, name records, and much more.

Explore the links we’ve compiled on our Online Resources page.

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Downloadable Documents

Click on the links below to download transcriptions of primary source documents, detailed cemetery records, and hand-drawn maps.

Warren Houghtaling Diary Transcripts, Volume 1, 1906

Diary of Warren R. Houghtaling (1911-1913)

Eastside Cemetery Records Preview

Hillside Burial Ground Records

Hillside Cemetery Map 1

Hillside Cemetery Map 2



Like most towns of its age, Sharon has numerous cemeteries, small and large, spread across its geography. Some headstone inscriptions are illegible, but most we’ve been able to catalog for your convenience through independent research and with the help of Burying Grounds of Sharon, CT Amenia and North East, N. Y., Published Amenia, NY 1903.

All headstone inscriptions in PDF format were copied in 1934, under the auspices of the F.E.R.A. and the W.P.A. sponsored by the Connecticut State Library and under the supervision of Charles R. Hale and Mary H. Babin.

Search our lists of Sharon, CT headstones and/or download those records compiled in 1934.

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Further enhance your research with the latest books on Sharon history, including a wide range of publications by local authors and illustrators.

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