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Other Local Burying Grounds

Ticknor’s Woods Burying Ground


On the north side of the road leading from Ellsworth, East Street, to Ellsworth proper, is the original burying ground of the Ellsworth society.

When it was first used for that purpose is not known now. The last burial there was a daughter of Joseph Lord, Esq., and was probably not far from 1778. The grave being filled with water so impressed Mr. Lord with the necessity for a more suitable place of burial that he immediately gave the society the land for the present Ellsworth Cemetery. He died in 1778, and his headstone recites the fact that he was the first person buried in the ground he had given.

A forest of trees now covers the old place of burial, among which the rows of graves yet show. Many of them are marked by stones native to the place, only two having headstones with inscriptions. It would be interesting to know the names of these silent sleepers, but for that we must wait till the graves are opened and the dead arise. The two inscriptions found are:


ROBERTS, Mr. Mark, d. Feb. 17, 1767, in his 84th yr.
ROBERTS, Mr. Nathaniel, d. Jan. 16. 1766, in his 55th yr.

Mr. Samuel Everett of Ellsworth says that the following were buried in this place: Adonijah Maxam, Amos Sanford. Joseph Lovell, Nathaniel Chapman, Deborah Lord, wife of Isaiah Everett and dau. of Joseph Lord, Esq.

Pine Swamp Burying Ground

Having heard it called the Pine Swamp Burying Ground it is given that title, yet there is nothing about the neighborhood to suggest the name. It is located on the left hand side of the road as one goes from Sharon to West Cornwall, or ground high and dry. A more fitting name would be the Smith Burying Ground, there being many of that name buried there. Download a list of headstone transcriptions from the Pine Swamp Burying Ground by clicking the link below. Pine Swamp Burying Ground headstones (pdf)

Cartwright Burying Ground

This burying ground is known as the Cartwright Burying Ground, from the fact that people of that name owned the land all about it, and many of them are buried there. It is on Sharon Mountain, and the road leading past it is known as Ellsworth East Street. It is well fenced and very well cared for, and is still used as a place of burial.

Download a list of headstone transcriptions from the Cartwright Burying Ground by clicking the link below.

Cartwright Burying Ground headstones (pdf)

Boland District Burying Ground

This burying ground is about half way between Sharon and Amenia Union. It is generally called the Boland District Burying Ground, the Bolands once owning the land round about, and many of them being buried there. It is on a sandy knoll on the west side of the road, and is well cared for. It is one of the oidest burying grounds in the town, as shown by the inscriptions copied from it.

Download a list of headstone transcriptions from the Boland District Burying Ground by clicking the link below.

Boland District Burying Ground headstones (pdf)

Malcuit Farm Burying Ground

On the farm of Charles Malcuit, on Sharon Mountain, in a pasture field, are two headstones inscribed as below. There are evidences of many graves that are not marked, but no one seems to remember any more about it than can now be discovered by a visit to it. it is large in area for a family burying ground, and doubtless was a neighborhood affair, before the one in the “Cartwright neighborhood” was used.

CARTWRIGHT, Samuel, s. of Samuel and Abiel, d. Feb. 9, 1774, ae. 11 mos., 9 dys.
HUTCHINSON, Mr. Ezra, d. Feb. 28, 1799, ae. 40.

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