Steeples of Litchfield County Exhibition

On view through July 4, 2020


Steven M. Goldberg, FAIA

Alexander H. Ellis, Curator of Collections, Archives, and Exhibitions, Sharon Historical Society & Museum

Litchfield County is home to an abundance of masterfully constructed religious structures. With steeples punctuating the skyline of the soft, rolling hills of the Northwest Corner, these centers of worship and community have left an indelible mark upon the architectural landscape of Connecticut. Through their diverse architectural styles and constructions, these models of ecclesiastical architecture express the individual religious and cultural identity of congregations and religious communities across the county.

Curated in partnership with master draftsman and architect, Steven M. Goldberg, FAIA, Steeples of Litchfield County is a presentation of Steven’s detailed drawings. The drawings explore the plurality of architectural elements and steeple archetypes of Litchfield County’s churches. The drawings are presented with a selection of historical photographs to illustrate changes to the church and steeple architecture over time.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1965, Goldberg traveled extensively across Europe and the Middle East sketching masterpieces of religious architecture before settling in Litchfield County in 1982. Over the past six years he has produced architectural illustrations of more than twenty churches across Litchfield County and this exhibition serves as a celebration of the masterworks located only a few miles from our homes.

Click here to download map of Litchfield County Church Steeples